Snare Story

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Our head of security recently saw this old female elephant with a suspected snare on her front right leg. Thanks to the help of Matthew Mutinda, a KWS vet and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy we were able to tranquilize her and remove a 4 strand wire snare which had become embedded in her leg.

The snare had been there for some time, cutting into her leg and causing a horrendous infection. Massive doses of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory’s were administered and will sort this out. There is no doubt that she would have died from this injury if it had not been treated soon.

Snaring is the most indiscriminate and barbaric form of poaching and she was a lucky one. The resilience of these animals is amazing and when she woke up she calmly inspected the wound and then went and rejoined her herd, including her young calf!

Charlotte Outram

Charlotte Outram

Charlotte, married to Sean, has been running the Sosian horse safaris since 2006. As a passionate horsewoman, originally from the UK, she ensures a full yard of fit, healthy and well-schooled horses for our guests to ride.