Our Team

Sosian employs over 100 people from our neighbouring communities to help run the tourism, cattle, conservation, anti-poaching and security.  Many have been with Sosian right from the start and below are some of our long term key members of staff:

“Your care and professionalism were outstanding and it was your fun and enthusiasm that made our stay so incredibly, incredibly amazing. You have a truly brilliant team in place and you could not have worked harder to give us all such a wonderful holiday.”

Tor Stewart, UK

Sean Outram

General Manager

Sean’s family has lived in Kenya for 5 generations, farming and operating safaris. His great grand father was one of the first European men to explore the Masai Mara; where he finally met his match, losing to a charging lion.

Sean studied in Kenya, Zimbabwe and the UK before returning home to Kenya to begin a career in agriculture. Since 2006 Sean has been running all aspects of this busy 24,000 acre ranch and conservancy, and has passionately built up, from scratch, Kenya’s largest Boran cattle breeding stud, with 400 breeding cows and a fine selection of stud bulls.

Sean is heavily involved with every aspect of running Sosian but is happiest out walking in the bush or fishing with his two young sons.

Saimon (Sierra 1)

Head of Security

Saimon is Sean’s right-hand man and has been a loyal and dedicated employee at Sosian since 2004. Starting as a farm driver, Saimon has scaled the ranks and today is our head of security and anti-poaching teams. Saimon is a great team leader and is passionate about protecting our wildlife.

In 2017 Saimon was invited by ‘ForRangers’ to London to meet HRH Duke of Cambridge, to be congratulated for his outstanding contribution as a wildlife ranger on Sosian. This was an exceptionally proud moment for all of us at Sosian and has filled us with even more determination to continue with this critical wildlife conservation work across Laikipia

Josh Outram

Head Guide & Lodge Manager

Josh is a Kenyan born and bred, growing up on safari and happiest when in the bush or in the air.

On finishing university in Australia, Josh went on to California where he trained to become a pilot, attaining both his private and commercial licenses, before being drawn back to East Africa.

After 4 years of aerial conservation work, flying with the Grumeti Fund in Tanzania and Tsavo Trust in Kenya, Josh took the decision to become more involved with tourism, and began as head guide at Sosian in 2018.

Whilst flying is still a great passion, being in the bush, on his feet or on a horse, has brought Josh back to what he loves! And being a true ‘people’ person with boundless energy and enthusiasm, he seems to have found his calling in life…

Simon Achuka


Simon joined Sosian more recently in 2018, having had great experience guiding across Laikipia. Simon has fitted in extremely well with the Sosian family and brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. He ensures that our guests don’t go home disappointed and always goes the extra mile when searching for lion, leopard or wild dog.

John Ekiru

Riding Guide

In 2010 John, still in his teens, arrived at Sosian looking for a job. He was taken on in the stable yard as an apprentice, where he quickly proved himself to be a kind and talented horseman. Today John will lead most rides and is a thrilling, yet careful riding guide. Not only is John a great rider and guide, but he is also Sosian’s head farrier for the yard of 30 horses.

Charlotte Outram

Horse Manager & Marketing

Charlotte, married to Sean, has been running the Sosian horse safaris since 2006. As a passionate horsewoman, originally from the UK, she ensures a full yard of fit, healthy and well-schooled horses for our guests to ride.

In addition to this, Charlotte also handles all aspects of marketing Sosian to the outside world…as well as any other job that needs help with!

David Macharia

Lodge Manager

David is our assistant lodge manager and has been at Sosian since 2001. He started as a gardener but quickly scaled the ranks proving himself to be an exceptional member of the Sosian team. David is integral to every aspect of running the lodge and looking after guests, with his team of cleaners, waiters and gardeners.

Having helped with the restoration of the original ranch house he knows where every pipe and every wire is, which can come in handy! David will turn his hand to anything and is perfectly comfortable taking guests out on a game drive, grooming a horse, or cleaning the swimming pool. Fortunately he loves to be busy!


Head Chef

Nico has been the head chef at Sosian since 2003. He is a master in the kitchen and loves nothing more than to keep learning new recipes and techniques. Nico is passionate about using our own homegrown, organic produce from the farm and kitchen garden, and all his culinary delights are made with love. Some of his favorite chefs are Darian Allan (Ballymaloe), Yotam Ottolenghi and Mary Berry.

Nico can cater for every guest and producing delicious vegetarian, vegan or gluten free food just adds to his enthusiasm!

Nico is a great philosopher and has many wise words and funny anecdotes to share. He is always smiling and nothing is ever too much trouble.