Sosian is perhaps best known for its huge array of safari experiences. Whether you walk, swim, ride or drive, there is undoubtedly something for everyone…

This is by far the greatest place to stay in Africa! Tons of activities that you can participate in or just relax by the pool. We have stayed in 20+ lodges in Africa (all top lodges) and it is hard to describe how much fun Africa can be until you visit Sosian Ranch. Our 12 year old daughter did not want to leave. We rode horses most days, camped out under the stars, climbed up a huge rock for sundowners, went on night drives, rode a camel and enjoyed the wonderful family like atmosphere. I wish I could put into words how truly special this place is and how you can get a real sense of Kenya by visiting Sosian Ranch. Did I mention more game that you can imagine? Wild dogs, oryx, lions (yes we did see one on horseback), Zebras, Giraffes, Elephants, Buffalo, and the list goes on and on!

— The Archer Family, UK

Game Drives

Unlimited, Day and Night

Games drives at Sosian are in open 4×4 Land Rovers with specially raised seats to allow the best wildlife viewing. Early mornings and later afternoons are the best times to go, as the wildlife is more active when its cooler. However, the middle of the day can be a wonderful time to find herds of elephant playing in the mud and cooling off in the river.

Sosian has a diverse landscape and varying habitats, where you can expect to see elephant, buffalo, hippo, giraffe, zebra, antelope, lion, leopard and warthog to name a few. There is also over 350 species of birds on Sosian.

Being a private conservancy we are also fortunate enough to be able to experience the bush and its nocturnal animals with a spot light at night. After sunset we often encounter leopard, spotted and striped hyena, aardwolf, aardvark, porcupine, bush baby, hippos grazing out of water, buffalo,serval cat and other exciting species

Riding Safaris

Day rides & Overnight Fly Camps

Horse riding is a wonderful way to experience the bush and Sosian is one of the best places in Kenya to do this. The varied terrain makes it interesting riding, through rivers, along tracks and across more open country where you can canter, jump and gallop. A riding safari is a peaceful, yet exciting way to explore the bush and view wildlife in their natural habitat. Rides are generally 1-3 hours morning and/or afternoon. The keener riders may also choose to ride out to an overnight fly camp for the night. This is a fantastic experience, camping out with the horses and sleeping under the stars, returning to the lodge for lunch the following day.

We have a yard of 26 well schooled safari horses (including children’s ponies) to suit all abilities. However, to ride out in the bush you do need considerable riding experience, and be confident to handle a horse in open country at all paces. For the less experienced riders we offer shorter rides close to the lodge and lessons in the sand arena.

More about riding

Walking Safaris

Tracking, Walking & Bird Watching

Walking is the most intimate way of exploring the bush. Led by an experienced walking guide you will learn how to follow animal tracks, recognise dung, insects, flora & fauna and all the other tiny details that you might otherwise miss from a vehicle. You don’t have to be super fit to enjoy one of our walking safari experiences and our guides will tailor make it to suit your preferences. Whether you are strolling on the open plains or pushing your way through bush along the river, every walk is different, and a great way to be more active on safari.

Fly Camping

Bush dinner & a night under the stars

Bringing you closer to the bush and further from modern frills, fly camping in bedrolls under the stars is an adventurous experience. Dinner is eaten by the camp fire and most nights we drop off to sleep to the sounds of distant lion, hyena or leopard, and yet sleep better than we can ever remember…

River Activities

Fishing, Kayaking & Waterfalls

Sosian is lucky to have 15km of the Ewaso Narok River running through it, with its magnificent 30ft high waterfalls. A highlight for some (who are brave enough!) is to jump off the waterfalls into the deep pool below. For others, swimming in the pools, or paddling in a kayak is most enjoyable. When the river is high enough, tubing down the rapids is another exhilarating way to spend the day on the river….or simply relax on the river bank with a fishing rod and see what you can catch for your dinner!

Camel Treks

Walk or Ride

Camels have been part of the northern Kenyan landscape for hundreds of years and are kept as livestock for their milk and meat. Contrary to popular belief, if well looked after, camels can be very well tempered. Sosian’s camels are very friendly and at times overly affectionate! Camel riding is a fun activity and typically a ride lasts approximately 40 minutes or so, and allows you to see the bush from a great vantage point.

Cultural Traditions

Visit a traditional Manyatta

Sosian is situated in a very culturally diverse area of northern Kenya, rich in traditions and largely untouched by western development. Guests are welcome to visit our neighbouring villages (or manyatta’s), to get a glimpse of these traditional ways of life. These fascinating and educational safari experiences are hugely popular with all generations. Most of our neighbours are nomadic, moving with their livestock, to wherever the grass takes them, but with prior arrangement Sosian can normally organise a visit for our guests. The Samburu, Pokot & Turkana people are very welcoming and find our guests equally fascinating!

Cattle Ranching

Dipping, Branding & Sorting

Cattle ranching in Laikipia is a long standing land use that is vitally important for the sustainability of this semi-arid area. When managed carefully, cattle ranching and wildlife conservation compliment each other and Sosian is a perfect example of how this can work. A morning spent with the ranch manager can offer a fascinating insight into how cattle and wildlife co-exist and also provide a fun and often hands on farming experience for all the family.